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Stack of Microsoft technologies in the leading retail company

Stack of Microsoft technologies in the leading retail company

Navicon implemented the stack of Microsoft technologies at the one of the largest players in the market of specialist animal feed. The customer widely uses vendor technologies: from ERP to Azure. This time, he was faced with the problem of increasing the speed of servicing customers who were on the shipments stop list – moreover, these reasons can be purely technical, for example, the payment came, but the bank statement was not imported into ERP. The process of removing the block had a number of significant drawbacks:

  • it was implemented at the level of Excel file and e-mail letters

  • it was limited in speed, functionality and, of course, technically

  • it created a great burden on the employees involved in the process, especially at the stage of its initiation.

We came to know about this task only through close communication with the client: we continuously keep our finger on the pulse of their business, we try to automate as many company processes as possible using modern technologies.

The task was solved by automating the process of removing a client from the stop list. The updated process includes:

  • processing bank statements earlier than it occurs in ERP

  • matching with custom chain

  • relevant notices.

By automating the process, the client receives various reports based on the accumulated data, as well as access to the entire history of applications and approvals for them.

When planning the project, we first of all considered low-code tools, because it was them that help to create value for the client in a very short time. The client asked to evaluate several platforms, but we opted for the Microsoft Power Platform - also because it not only has very powerful functionality, but also perfectly interacts with the rest of the Microsoft ecosystem, which the client already has and is actively using. There was made use of Power Apps & Power Automate, including RPA based on Power Automate Desktop to interact with the ERP system that cannot be modified.

The cloud Power Platform interacts perfectly with the Office 365 cloud application group. It was important for us to provide the customer with a convenient interface for approval, so the solution uses Teams - all requests come into it. Thanks to Power Automate and Teams in the cloud, this interaction is implemented with only one button, while providing greater flexibility in configuring approvals. The ease of use and ease of implementation made an indelible impression on the customer, which led to the company usually closed to PR and promotion agreeing to record and distribute the interview, which is already scheduled for April and approved by the company's top management.

The successful use of Power Apps by Microsoft has led the customer planning not only to increase the functionality of the current application by adding new customer segments to it, but also to scale the experience to other business processes of the company. The client noted that the use of Power Apps allowed to:

  • fully implement investments in Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics 365 by creating applications tailored to the company
  • ensure mobility and ease in business processes and convenience for employees, regardless of their level of technical training
  • use ready-made simple data synchronization between applications and more than 200 ready-made integrations
  • build apps quickly with a simple app design approach and simple logic.

What is especially valuable, the client plans to create a center of competency for low-code solutions, which will specialize in prompt solving of business tasks.