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Power Apps implementation in one of the leaders in the Russian confectionery market

Power Apps implementation in one of the leaders in the Russian confectionery market

Navicon realized the Power Apps project for trading and manufacturing company, one of the leaders in the Russian confectionery market with over 40 years of history.

The customer is a long-term client of ours who has almost the entire Microsoft ecosystem deployed through this collaboration. This time, his economic department was faced with the task of automating the process of evaluating potential customers - for example, a retail outlet. We came to know about this pain point of the customer through constant communication with the client, in which we try to automate as many company processes as possible using modern technologies.

So, as part of the process, the commercial service found potential customers, requested and received primary information from them, and then sent it to the economic department to assess the possibility of cooperation with this client. The economic department performed all the necessary checks, entered additional information into the application and made the final decision on the possibility of cooperation. It is clear that such an approach meant a lot of labor and time costs, a low response rate to incoming requests, and hence – a decrease in business efficiency.

The customer's task was completed using an application powered by Power Apps for working with customer evaluation requests. As a result, the client received:

  • user-friendly interface
  • mobile version of the application
  • ability to easily build analytics based on the data accumulated in the application.

Before the start of the project, we demonstrated several low-code development platforms to the customer, as we considered them the most suitable for automating individual processes in a very short time. As a result of evaluating several platforms and architecture variants, the choice was made in favor of a bundle of the Power Apps and the Power Automate. These modern and very functional tools for creating applications and performing various automations are quite easy to use, which allowed the customer's employees to develop them on their own.

Among other things, the customer noted the following advantages of the platforms:

  • high speed and ease of development of an application that functions without problems on different devices and in Microsoft Teams
  • ease of automation and integration of workflows
  • ability to simplify the logic of processes and make changes with one touch.

The solutions built with low-code \ no-code products Power Apps and Power Automate is very easy to "make friends" with other cloud products and solutions of the Microsoft ecosystem. For example, a customer has the SharePoint Online as one of his corporate data storage standards, so it is SharePoint that the applications for evaluation of potential clients that the created application works with are stored in. Connecting this data source did not create any problems precisely due to the integrity of the cloud ecosystem and the capabilities that are implemented in the Power Platform.

Currently, the customer is considering the possibility of using the Power BI product to build analytics based on the data accumulated in the application.

In addition, considering the success of the project implemented, and the positive attitude of the client to the use of cloud products and services, we are discussing with him plans for further use of the Microsoft Power Platform for automating business processes in other departments of the company.